The project Saara (Applied Learning System Augmented Reality), is an innovative and impalpable interface, which allows the user to conduct encyclopedia search, deep in the heart of the information.

This interface is visible through augmented reality glasses. It presents the information (sound, video, picture and text) in a 3D space, a real room. Intuitive gestures (arm movements) and speech recognition to interact with content are allowed through a microphone and a camera which detect and capture the movement (Kinect).
The Profit
This new approach of knowledge allows a unique and funniest form of learning. The user interacts with his entire body, a real dialogue takes place between the user and the information. The data and modes of representation evolve to adapt themselves to everybody’s tastes.

Our Goal
We want to facilitate the access to knowledge, by integrating the virtual reality. Let forget the mouse, the keyboard and the screen, in one word: feel and live information with your body.